This 73 Year Old Twerking Will Make Your Day! VIDEO


Now, here’s a lady with some spunk. Joan Wind is 73 years old but hates ‘sitting on a bench and count pigeons.’ She has more energy and spunk than that. So what does she do? She ends up shaking her booty like a pro, while she twerks! More than that, with a class that many half her age would die for.

Joan was among the 358 “twerkers” who earned the Guinness World Record for Most People Twerking Simultaneously. She was leaving Macy's, holding several shopping bags, when she saw the people and joined them. Talking to HuffPost Weird News she told how she got a hang of the step,“Two or three years ago I saw it but I didn't think I could do it," she said, "Then I tried it at home in the mirror in the bedroom. And I said, 'Oh, it's shaking very good.'" What’s more, she has plans on starting a class for other seniors who want to know how to get down.

After most of us bashed down Miley Cyrus for her twerking fiasco, we can actually thank her, for had it not been for her, we wouldn’t have had the delight of getting to know Joan Wind. That is not to say she is the only one. Everyone from Morgan Freeman to Sofia Vergara and Ellen seem to be fascinated by it.

So, thank you Miley for bringing us the joyful and perky Ms. Joan Wind. May we all grow up to be as spunky and energetic as her!

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