Bears Defy Gravity In This Breathtaking Video

May, 6, 2014: Gear up for this pleasantly shocking revelation.

Who said bears can’t climb,” asks the maker of this video.

We have seen Bear Grylls do it, but have we ever seen actual bears climb rocks? The one minute, thirty second video of a pair of endangered Mexican Black Bears is a breathtaking ride which you have to see to believe.

The moment was captured by Kayaker Stephanie Latimer, who was kayaking in Big Bend National Park in Texas, when she caught the sight of two bears climbing the Santa Elena Canyon wall.

The video has since gone viral on YouTube.

The mama Bear climbed with relative ease, but the baby Bear had a hard time and had to retrace its steps a bit to get on the right track and reach mommy.

Happy endings do exist in real life.

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