British Soldier Leaps Onto Train Tracks To Rescue Woman

A man in Britain leapt onto the tracks as a train approached to save a woman last week.

A stunning bit of heroism was caught on video (above) last week at a railway station in the British city of Strood, Kent. Billy McPhail, 26, was waiting for his train when he saw an older woman slip from the opposite platform and land on the tracks below as a train approached, according to a published report.

A paratrooper in the British military, McPhail leapt from the platform, ran across the tracks and came to the woman's aid as other commuters signaled to the train to slow down. The woman survived the ordeal with minor injuries. Railway officials, while reminding commuters that tracks are lined with live electrical wires, commended McPhail, who said "I was just thinking if I don't get her off the tracks she'll die."

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