Baby Eats Bacon for the First Time, Wins Internet

This little boy’s parents want their son (and the world) to remember his over-awed response to having bacon for the first time!

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Posted by Melissa Beach on Friday, 25 December 2015

Most of us may not remember the first time our taste buds came into contact with our favorite food, but this 18-month-old’s parents are doing their best to capture this priceless moment for him.

Californian parents Melissa and Tyler filmed their infant son, Easton, wearing Christmas pajamas and eating his first piece of bacon. His adorable reaction just took the Internet by storm. The beaming toddler repeatedly attempts to say “bacon” as he nibbles on the rasher, his voice becoming adorably high pitched, until he finally manages to yell the correct word “BACON!!!” to the delight of his parents.

The video was posted on Facebook with a title by the mother, "That first time you try bacon." As of Wednesday morning, the endearing video has over 9 million views and scores of warm comments for the baby.

Watch the kid’s cute response in the video above.

Of all the adorable baby videos of 2015, this definitely takes the cake! (or in this case, the bacon!)

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