Watch Bill Nye Read Mean Tweets About Himself

Bill Nye the Science Guy reads mean tweets about himself as part of a Kickstarter campaign that is making a documentary about the scientist.

As part of a Kickstarter campaign to make a documentary about Bill Nye the Science Guy, filmmakers had Nye read mean tweets about himself – for science.

Nye has an impressive Twitter following so, of course, he receives a few nasty tweets every now and then.

A few users commented on Nye’s beloved television show, which got most Millennial children excited about science (like the documentary’s filmmakers who put their love of science learned from Nye into making films about science and technology).

Bill Nye

Others addressed the often (and unnecessarily so) controversial topic of global warming — an issue the scientist has been incredibly vocal on in the past.

Bill Nye

In which, Nye was well-versed to argue back their ignorant taunts with a few sharp quips himself.

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