Watch Chinese Recruit Narrowly Avoid Death After Dropping Grenade

Watch the split second reaction that saves these two soldiers.

In this harrowing moment, a Chinese army recruit in training prepares to throw a live grenade but accidentally drops it right beside him. This was captured in Guangdong province during a Saturday training. It seems as if the recruit was holding the grenade by the safety pin, rather than the body. So when he reaches back to throw it, the grenade falls off the safety pin landing right beside him and his trainer, and the safety clip instead goes flying to the intended destination. Thankfully, the instructor sees the mistake quickly enough to send him and his trainee into a nearby trench, probably dug there for that very reason. I guess this is exactly what training is for. 

After safely surviving the explosion, the two walk out of the trench, with the instructor giving the recruit a reassuring pat on the back. 


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