Watch Dad's Priceless Reaction To His Teen Daughter's Fake Pregnancy

A Texas teen carried out a cruel Christmas prank on her dad whose hilarious reaction made it all worthwhile.

As Christmas is now behind us and kids are breaking in their new toys and teens are rocking their new outfits, a Texas dad is likely still getting over the cruel prank that nearly ruined his holiday.

Brooke — a high school senior from Princeton, Texas — had her dad unwrap a pack of baby socks on Christmas day, making him think she was surprising him with a pregnancy announcement.

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She caught his hilarious reaction on camera while holding off on revealing the truth for what probably felt like a lifetime to her poor, frazzled father. 

Brooke kept him in suspense so long that she had to post two videos in separate tweets to share the full effect of his reaction. 

It's clear by his facial expression that he was expecting a "just kidding" but the longer it took for him to hear the words, the more anxious he became. 

You have to see it for yourself. It's a memory that Brooke should definitely save and share with her future children down the road.  

Now that the video has gone viral, Brooke's dad is basically famous and getting recognized out in public.  

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Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @Herdotie 

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