ISIS Bomber's Car Explodes 100 Feet In Mid-Air Following IED Blast

If you're a faint of heart, you may want to stay clear of this video.

ISIS Suicide Bomber Explodes in Mid-Air

This is the kind of scene that is seen only in hardcore action movies, but it just happened near Kirkuk in northern Iraq. An ISIS suicide bomber was driving his car towards Kurdish Peshmerga with a view to taking more innocent lives when it was hit by a roadside bomb.

The vehicle, which was quite possibly rigged itself, instantly flew up 100 feet in the air before another round of explosives took place. Now completely engulfed in flames, the car came hit the ground amidst a cloud of smoke.

It was the Kurdish forces' IED that gave the ISIS bomber's car the initial jolt. Once in midair, the second blast could've been caused either by the bomber's own explosives or the car's fuel tank.

The footage of the incident was later released by Kurdish forces as part of a compilation which highlighted their small victories over the ISIS. Some believe that this video coupled with Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi's recent comments is sort of an appeal to the international community that ISIS is within their sights and can be beaten, provided that more aid is given to them.

"We want to see more,' said al-Abadi  before jetting off to meet President Barack Obama at the White House for the first time. "We can finish Daesh... and we can stop their advance in other countries. We are the only country with armed forces on the ground fighting Daesh. We need all the support of the world."

The U.S. has already deployed more than 3,000 of its soldiers in Iraq to help the local government fight religious extremists. In addition, the U.S. government last year set aside $1.6 billion to train Iraqi and Kudish forces in their fight against ISIS.

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