Watch Jordan’s Prime Minister Hit A Photographer In The Crotch

Want to see a dignitary doing something he knows nothing about? Watch the Jordanian Prime Minister hit a photographer in the crotch with his golf ball.

The Jordanian Prime Minister may be described as a veteran statesman and politician; but a golfer he is not.

Abdallah Ensour, the Prime Minister of Jordan, was asked to play golf while at the opening of a tourist resort on the Dead Sea coast. How difficult can it be right?

After the initial stumble, he took a hit but instead of hitting it far away, his misguided ball went and smacked a nearby photographer in the crotch.

The worst part… the poor guy couldn’t even utter an obscenity and had to smile like nothing happened.

But Abdallah Ensour isn’t really a bad guy though we believe he should have just excused himself when asked to take a swing. Then again, it was probably either a matter of protocol or national ego, perhaps both of which we cannot argue with.

Mr. Ensour, a former liberal legislator was selected in March last year as part of a reform program put in place to avoid political unrest and a likely Arab Spring-style uprising by Jordan's King Abdullah II.

The king confirmed Ensour's appointment and though he had selected prime ministers himself in the past, he relinquished that right to the new Prime Minister.

Jordan's parliament voted for the monarchy's caretaker prime minister to form a new cabinet, the first time in the country's history that head of government was decided by the legislature rather than the king.

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