Watch Justin Bieber Get Egged In Slow Motion Video

Justin Bieber will be the next celebrity to get roasted on Comedy Central, and in anticipation of that, here is an awesome video of him getting egged.

Justin Bieber gets egged in slow motion.

Justin Bieber is everyone's favorite musician to bash on, and he kind of deserves it. He is the epitome of what everyone hates about Millennials: entitled, egotistical, and rude. But it seems like he's having a change of heart lately. He recently posted a video in what appeared to be a public apology, asking people to see that he is only human. He then went on the Ellen show to explain that he's trying hard to be a better person. 

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Some question whether this change is genuine or if it's just another show. Especially after the Calvin Klein debacle, he's got to be feeling pretty low right now regardless. 

In this public campaign to change his image, he most recently submitted his name for the next celebrity roast. On March 30th, Comedy Central will air The Roast of Justin Bieber. Whether you love him or hate him, this is going to be an amazing night. And in anticipation of that, enjoy this slow-motion video of him being egged. 

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