Watch L.A. High Speed Chase End With Suspect's Solo Dance Party

What do you do when your back is against the wall after you've stolen a car and taken police on a high speed chase? Get out of the car before your arrest and Dance!

This female car thief show’s she is a true savage after leading Los Angeles police on a wild car chase through the streets of L.A.

The suspect was blowing through red lights and weaving in and out of traffic. Then after she blew her tire by running over a spike strip, she turned up the stereo got out of the car and started DANCING in the middle of the street! Putting the icing on the cake.

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She knew police were coming to apprehend her, so after she did her dance to rapper Future’s “Where Ya At” featuring Drake; she got back into the car and continued her turn up session.

Officers eventually swarmed the car, pulled her out, and took her into custody.

It’s believed that the woman was under the influence, but honestly…she was probably dead sober and just decided, “Hey, I’m going to jail anyway I might as well have a little fun first and get my 15 minutes of fame.”  And she has done just that as the video has made its way all over social media. 

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