WATCH: Man Walks On Hot, Flowing Lava (VIDEO)


You must have heard the notion; what you do is not always the right thing! It fits in this situation completely well.

The video above features a man quickly running over hot, flowing lava. Yes, you heard it right; flowing lava. Here’s a GIF:

WATCH: Man Walks On Hot, Flowing Lava (VIDEO)

Now, most of us must be wondering if it’s even possible!

Here’s an explanation given by Volcano blogger Erik Klemetti:

If that flow has a decent crust (which it does) and is moving fairly slow (which it is), and if you move quickly, your weight isn’t going to be enough to cause you to sink into the flow.

The big caveat here is that if the crust is uneven and you hit a thinner part, you could find yourself with more lava on your boot that you’d like (that is, more than “no lava”) or worse, trip and stick your hand on the flow surface that is still likely very hot when you fall.

He further added:

This isn’t to say you should ever do what this guy did. Don’t. There are many things you could do and survive but shouldn’t because there are very high probabilities that you’ll get hurt.

So, there was a really strong possibility of this stunt ending pretty badly.
Now what do you think, was his dangerous stunt, daring or stupid? Let us know with your comments and please do not attempt this ever!

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