Watch: MSNBC Host Discoveres "Furries", Runs Off Set

Have you ever heard of a "furry"? An MSNBC host found out and couldn't handle it.

It's usually guests who run off the set in the middle of a broadcast. Not this time! 

A chlorine gas leak at a Chicago convention over the weekend caused almost 20 people to be hospitalized and one morning news anchor running off the set! 

The event was a "furry convention". Morning Joe's Mika Brzezinski discovered what a "furry" is for the first time while video was being played.  When the program returned to the anchor desk, she was missing and could be seen running down the hall in the background. 

A furry convention (also furry con or fur con) is a formal gathering of members of the furry fandom — people who are interested in the concept of fictional non-human characters with human characteristics.

Yup. It's a thing. 

There are now over 40 annual furry conventions worldwide, the largest is Anthrocon, held each year in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


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