Watch The Spirit Of America Attack Trump Through This Bald Eagle

Donald Trump was attacked. The bird's name, no joke, is Uncle Sam.

Noted political windbag and Republican Presidential hopeful Donald Trump was attacked during a photo shoot by a bald eagle. 

While posing together for a shoot with Time Magazine, Trump was set upon by the avian creature in a wonderfully symbolic attack.

The bird's name, by the way, is Uncle Sam. 

There are two possible explanations for why this bird attacked Trump. 

The first is that it is simply a wild animal in an enclosed space with camera's going off and noises everywhere. 

The second is that the collective spirit of America traveled through time and space to make this bird its chosen vessel in order to communicate to this country how displeased it is with Trump as a political entity. 

Let's go with the second one. 

Trump has certainly committed enough disgusting misdeeds to irritate a vengeful American spirit to the point that it would want to attack him through a symbolic herald such as this eagle. 

It could have been Trump's proposal to close America's borders to each and every Muslim that set these cosmic events in motion. 

Or perhaps it was Trump's distressingly high poll numbers that needed a bit of curtailing by a force from on high. 

It may even be that Trump himself is possessed of some sinister German spirit that needed an equal opponent to keep it in check.

Whatever the case may be the eagle has spoken and we must all heed its warning. 

Trump is not to be trusted. 

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Banner Image: Time on YouTube

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