Teen With Down Syndrome Reaction To Getting First Job Will Make You Smile

It'll make you smile! When 19-year old Ben Sunderman finally heard back from his internship, his parents decided to get out the video camera.

Ben has been waiting for this letter for a long time. it is letting him know whether or not he got the job he was hoping to get.

Although he reads 'Congratulations!', when he first opens up the letter, he is sure to read the whole thing top to bottom before reacting.

His mom keeps asking him 'What does that mean, Ben?', but Ben keeps gesturing at his mother to wait until he finishes reading everything.

Finally, at the end, his mother asks him one more time what all that means, and Ben shouts out in excitement.

"I got the job! I got the job!" 

Ben has Down-Syndrome and is currently in the process of transitioning from school to the working world.

Congratulations, Ben!

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