Watch This Traffic Stop Go From Potential Arrest To Marriage Proposal

An Iowa man, with the help of a local police officer, pulled off a hilarious proposal to his totally unsuspecting girlfriend.

Lately there have been too many reports about traffic stops escalating to instances of harassment and police brutality, but in one Iowa town an intense traffic stop led to the sweetest proposal.

Jeff Schlute and his girlfriend from Johnston, Iowa were driving to a Thanksgiving dinner when they were pulled-over by a police officer. The officer, Matt Chiles, said Schlute was going 46 miles per hour in a 35 miles per hour zone.

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The “routine” stop started escalating pretty quickly after Officer Chiles "ran Schlute's license" and claimed he had a warrant out for his arrest for theft. The officer then made him step out of the car for a pat-down.

After Officer Chiles asked the girlfriend to step out and confirm that some “merchandise” wasn’t stolen, Schlute dropped down to one knee and proposed.

She immediately burst into tears, showing a slew of emotions from fear to shock to disbelief to anger about being tricked to pure joy. 

The officer recorded the whole thing from his body camera and dash-cam. 

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Check out the footage below! 

Banner Photo Credit: YouTube screenshot 

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