This Two-Year-Old Can't Speak But Can Sing Blues Alright

May, 14, 2014:Baby Luca can already put seasoned pop stars to shame.

American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow once famously said: "Music is the universal language of mankind." The meaning of this early 19th century quote just got clear.

Meet this kid named Luca who has barely made the transition out of infancy but his musical talents are already there for all to see. This two-year-old can't speak coherent language yet, but set him up with a blues instrumental and a microphone, and he'd sing his heart out.

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In the video posted above, he not only showcases his god gifted crooning ability but also plays his harmonic –again in perfect synchronization with the tune.

Judging by his ability at this young age, it seems we have a musical prodigy on our hands here. So, ladies and gentlemen, remember the name Luca, because one day he could take mainstream Blues music by storm.

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