Watch This Would-Be Robber Get Beaten Up By Convenience Store Clerk

A goofy man with a towel on his head tries to rob a convenience store. The store clerk will have none of that.

Philadelphia Police are looking for a man with a green towel on his head for attempting to rob a convenience store downtown.  Of course, given the description of the robber, there was a reason it was an attempt: The result was him being knocked to the floor, beaten up by a convenience store clerk.  Clearly, this man was a bit too goofy, and probably not in the right state of mind or using the right drugs.

The would-be robber was not only wearing a towel on his head, but sunglasses and a gardening gloves.  The gloves were a nice touch, and surely the sunglasses were useful at 5:30 AM in the morning.  The towel man walked into a Wawa convenience store on 9th and Walnut Streets in downtown Philadelphia.  Going up to the convenience store clerk, he demanded "Give me everything in the register and no one gets hurt."  The clerk asked to see the gun.

When the towel man pulled out a weird metal object with a curved handle instead, the clerk had none of this joker and proceeded to deck him, smashing the perp's jaw.  The man, who likely weighed around 300 pounds and was more than six feet tall, dropped to the floor.  The clerk proceeded to fly over to the towel man, and beat up the perp a bit more, before being pulled away by fellow convenience store employees.

The towel man, defeated, escaped in a bluish green (or greenish blue) BMW X5, likely stolen, with no license plate.  Granted, the convenience store clerk was rather brave to pick a fight with a robber, even though he had something resembling a weapon.  But still, given that this man was wearing a towel on his head and gardening gloves for reasons that would escape anyone's fashion or rational sense, and was robbing a convenience store just before the start of rush hour in downtown Philadelphia, it is very likely that this big man was on drugs or something.  That punch in the jaw was well-deserved.

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