Cameraman Who Tackled Usain Bolt Apologizes, He Accepts

Luckily, Usain Bolt didn't sustain any serious injuries from being run down by a segway after winning the 200m gold in Beijing.

Jamaican track star Usain Bolt earned his second gold medal of the Beijing World Championships by finishing the 200m with a world leading time of 19.57 seconds.

Usain Bolt, Beijing World Championships

During a celebratory stroll along the track, one cameraman trailed a little too closely for the perfect shot which resulted in a major fail as he ran into Bolt with his Segway and knocked himself in the head with his own camera. 

Usain Bolt

It looked like the crash was painful for both parties and spectators were especially concerned about Bolt sustaining any injuries to his legs and feet — undoubtedly his most prized possessions — but Bolt was back up in no time, adrenaline still high from his big win.

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The clumsy cameraman, however, might just be out of a job.  

UPDATE: All seems to be forgiven, at least on Usain Bolt's end, for the cameraman who ran into him with his Segway yesterday. Following the tumble, the cameraman went up to Bolt and apologized. Bolt graciously accepted and the two shook hands to seal the deal. 

Watch the friendly exchange Below: 

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