Watching This Stop Motion Video Of A Monkey On A Chair Is Like Leaving Work On A Friday

How would you describe the feeling of leaving work on a Friday? You couldn't do much better than this video.

You could say a lot about the feeling of leaving work on a Friday, knowing that a cavernous couple of days of free time and down time gape before you, expanding ad infinitum in the mind's rapacious glory, letting each breeze in the hair absurdly signify the limited freedom yet to come. But really, who needs words when you have a stop-motion video of a monkey that perfectly displays both the mood and the sense of freedom of riding into the sunset of Friday night? Ironically, the last part of the video, which shows the process, is like an endless Monday. But you don't have to think about that now. What you have to do now is say hooray for weekend as you watch this monkey.

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