Wealthy Woman Left Millions To Charity — But Nothing To Caregiver

Nobody is questioning the kindness, or generosity of the woman dubbed the “Fair Lady of Fair Hill,” however, this one exclusion does seem a bit odd.

lilly fardell

Wealthy Australian philanthropist Lilly Fardell’s final wishes were carried out on Friday when her entire $4.3 million fortune was bequeathed to the St. Vincent De Paul Society.

The Sydney Morning Herald reported the news and explains that the recipient of Fardell’s fortune will use the money to house homeless youth. The donation is the single largest in the society’s history, and Fardell is being lauded online for her generosity and kindness.

However, one line in the Herald’s article raised some eyebrows and more than a few outcry’s when it was discovered.

Poor Michael...

The line in question concerned what appears to be Fardell’s only caregiver before her passing.

“Mrs Fardell's nephew Michael Ellis, who had cared for Lily in her final 15 years, was at Friday's brief ceremony that was also attended by St Vincent de Paul representatives and her solicitors from Bilbie Dan, who had managed her affairs,”  the article states.

So this nephew took care of his elderly aunt for 15 years, putting his own life on hold, possibly postponing a family or a career, and is rewarded for his labors by being snubbed?

Nobody is questioning the kindness, character, or generosity of the woman who has been called the “Fair Lady of Fair Hill,” however, it does seem odd that the man who cared for her for a decade and a half would be so egregiously neglected in her appropriations.

Fardell’s story rose to the front page of Reddit and the top comments for the story all revolve around Ellis.

“Can't help but feel slightly sorry for the nephew. Surely caring for her for 15 years deserves at least some of the money. I'd be pissed off,” said Reddit user wrenthorpian.

“Well... On the plus side if he's now homeless he could be a recipient of some inheritance,” replied user stuckinsk.

After all, as they say, charity begins at home.  

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Banner Photo: Courtesy Fardell Estate

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