“Weasel Riding A Woodpecker” Photo Sparks Hilarious Memes

This is how John Travolta would kiss the weasel riding the woodpecker.

Martin Le-May caught the moment when the woodpecker took flight with a weasel on its back

Amateur photographer Martin Le-May, from Essex, U.K., broke the Internet this week after he posted an extraordinary image of a weasel riding on the back of a green woodpecker as it flew through the air.

Le-May captured the incredible scene at Hornchurch Country Park in east London on Monday afternoon. He told BBC News he took the photo when he heard a “distressed squawking noise.”

"I soon realized it was a woodpecker with some kind of small mammal on its back,” he said. “I think we may have distracted the weasel as when the woodpecker landed it managed to escape and the weasel ran into the grass.”

“I’m so proud so many people are getting to see my image. I’m totally taken aback by the response to it,” Le-May added.

As it often happens with viral photos on the Internet, the amazing photograph has inspired hilarious memes. Have a look:

Woodpecker hilarious memes

Woodpecker viral photo


#WeaselPecker memes on the Internet

Woodpecker  memes on the Internet

Weasel Rides Woodpecker in Viral Photo

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