This Weatherman Is Way Too Excited About Thundersnow

And the award for the most excited weatherman goes to Jim Cantore!

It’s not just the weather that’s going crazy in Boston.

Weather Channel meteorologist Jim Cantore could hardly contain his excitement this week when he experienced thundersnow no fewer than six times.

In the video above, the weatherman can be seen jumping into the air and throwing snow into the sky as he shouts: "Oh yes! Yes! Yes! We got it baby! We got it! We got it! Woo! We got it! Listen to that! Listen to that! Oh baby!"

Cantore sort of looked like little Anna from Frozen.  

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Boston marked its snowiest month since record-keeping started in 1872, forecasters said Sunday.

"It's official, Boston has reached its snowiest month on record with 45.5 total inches," the National Weather Service tweeted on Sunday. "The old record was 43.3 in January 2005."

The area's deepest snowfall on Sunday was 20 inches (50 cm), recorded in Ipswich, Massachusetts, a coastal town northeast of Boston, Reuters reported.

In addition, Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker said that across the state, around 600 members of the National Guard were helping out during the blizzard.

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