Weatherman Passes Out During Live Broadcast from Stunt Plane (Video)

Many would feel sorry for the guy but we say, Australian morning show ‘Sunrise’ weather man, Grant Denyer got what he asked for.

He was doing his weather segment from inside, of all the places, a stunt plane.

Throughout the video it was apparent that the acrobats were not easy to bear for anyone, let alone Grant himself but he just kept asking for more!

The pilot was a pro and so used to the great pressures and body changes but despite his lack of experience and stomach, Grant kept asking for more. He wanted to know what it would be like at eight Gs.

Whether he did or not is questionable as it was just too much for him and he passed out for a few seconds and only came to when the plane was back on level.

Do watch the video, but be sure it’s not on a full stomach!

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