Website Offers Bizarre Service In Which A Random Stranger Gives You A Wakeup Call

A Russian website, is offering a strange new service: it provides wake up calls from random strangers. Currently the service is only offered in Russian, but plans to expand to English and Spanish soon.

This morning was like most mornings, in that I had trouble getting up when my alarm clock turned to 7, and NPR began to cheerily tell me shocking things about the world. If only I had a random person to call me and coax me up (no offense to the sonorous voices of Steve Inskeep and Renee Montagne). Well, that's almost a possibility. Actually, if you can navigate through some Russian, you can get it right now (and your caller will probably be in Russian).

What the hell am I talking about? The website is offering what Julia Kagansky of Fast Company is calling "the chatroulette of alarm clocks." You sign up for a service in which someone calls you at a specific time to coax you out of bed. Right now it's only in Russian, but hopes to soon offer the same service in English and Spanish. The above video is in Russian, but the graphics illustrate this beautifully. records the calls so that users can rate them.

It's a bit of a gamble to put your most discombobulated moments of your day in the hands of a stranger, but it sounds kind of fun. What do you say, readers, would you want to do this? And which end of the call do you want to be on?

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