'Happy' Gets The Weird Al Treatment And It's Beyond Tacky

It's got Ed Hardy, twerking and YOLO. Weird Al really gets "Tacky."

The earworm that wouldn't die has found its way into Weird Al Yankovic's repertoire -- consider us "Happy."

Weird Al spoofs Pharrell Williams' hit with "Tacky," and we can vouch for the extreme tackiness going down. 

Weird Al and a cast of his very best tacky friends, like Eric Stonestreet, Jack Black and Margaret Cho, put the happiest spin on tacky we've ever seen. 

Sample lyrics:

"Wear my Ed Hardy shirt with fluorescent orange pants,

(Because I'm tacky!)

Got my new resume, printed in Comic Sans

(Because I'm tacky!)"

"Forty-three bumper stickers and a YOLO license plate

(Because I'm tacky!)

Bring along my coupon book whenever I'm on a date

(Because I'm tacky!)

Practice my twerking moves in line at the DMV

(Because I'm tacky!)

Viral parody songs used to be Weird Al's domain almost exclusively. Of course, now anyone can and does create parody videos (see: "Frozen" songs over and over and over). 

But we'll always come back to Weird Al, who does it best. 

Fun fact, via Nerdist: "Tacky" was filmed in Julianne Moore's apartment in "The Big Lebowski." That's a man who knew something about tacky. 

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