Man Tries to Sell 1993 Volvo With a Spoof Ad

May, 13, 2014: Fan made Volvo ad might be the funniest spoof ad ever.

Volvo and impressive marketing go hand in hand, which is why there are no surprises that a new ad of the Swedish car manufacturer has gone viral for its hilarious content. The only difference this time is that the new ad is fan-made and is actually selling a 1993 red Volvo 245 instead of a shiny new thing.

Despite the fact that the entire ad was shot by a crew of just three, it looks just like what we are used to seeing in TV commercials. That's because the man behind this ad – Christoffer Castor – is a professional video advertiser.

Titled "Buy My Volvo", the ad starts by recalling the early 90s programs in which the Volvo in question can be seen. It then boasts how the car is a master piece of kinetic energy that was made by wizard-like engineers of a bygone era. Soon the narrator comes right to the point and tells his listener exactly why they must splash their hard-earned cash on his car.

You can't help but be impressed with his sales pitch. His car not only has an inside but also an OUTSIDE. If that doesn't have you reaching for your wallet then may be this next list of cool features will. A curled exhaust, two pieces of black roof sticks, decorative plate scab and door handles on all four doors are just few of the many things that come with this industrial marvel.

The video's Swedish version went viral as soon as it was posted on YouTube. It got so much attention from the local press that Castor decided to make an English version too.  Even the official Volvo Twitter account acknowledged the spoof ad.

Sadly, however, despite such an awesome ad, no one has come forward to meet this lady magnet's rather modest $1,100 price. So if you have any plans of buying this baby, you must hurry up because no one else is.

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