7 Wacky Kickstarter Projects That Prove People Donate To Anything

From an inflatable Lionel Richie head to meat soap, we present Kickstarter's wackadoodle finest.

"A fool and his money are soon parted" goes back 500 years, but it's like the author somehow knew Kickstarter was coming.

The fundraising site proves that people will spend money on anything. Seriously, anything. It's one thing to donate to a Zach Braff vanity movie project, but potato salad? 

An Ohio man launched a Kickstarter to make potato salad. That is all. He did have a "stretch goal" to raise enough to buy fancier mayonnaise and even promised to say donors' names aloud while making the potato salad.

Oh Internet, you bit and you bit hard. Zach Danger Brown's potato salad Kickstarter is funded to the tune of $3,865, and counting. That better be some fancy mayonnaise. 

Here are 6 other Kickstarters that people inexplicably threw cash at: 

Inflatable Lionel Richie Head

This is exactly what it sounds like. A team of artists wanted to create a giant inflatable Lionel Richie head and take it to music festivals. "A good thing about an Inflatable Lionel Richie Head is that it packs and travels well." Good to know!

And the really great thing about it is they weren't satisfied until the crooner could look his best. 

"To get Lionel looking like he did 30 years ago in inflatable style is no cheap trick. We want Lionel Richie’s Head looking his best from all sides ...." 

So did Kickstarter fans.

Goal: $8,400

Raised: $13,755


Crystal Bacon

Simply drooling over bacon is so passé. Real bacon lovers wear their elevated cholesterol counts around their necks.

Like bacon itself, Crystal Bacon can hide any number of flaws, including not being made from actual crystal.

"Crystal Bacon is my sculptural tribute to the most delicious of all meats, bacon. While not true crystal, it is made out of a high quality acrylic plastic that is both durable and beautiful. A true ode to bacon!"

Goal: $2,000

Raised: $2,786


Meat Soap

If you like wearing bacon, you'll love smelling like it. Meat Soap promised to have supporters smelling like a pan of bacon

"We firmly believe that the aroma of freshly cooked bacon should linger long after breakfast and that meaty and clean go hand in hand...We think clean people should smell like bacon, not like mint or roses."

Plenty of carnivores agreed.

Goal: $1,500

Raised: $1,905



World's Strangest Sheep

The description for BAAAHS needs to come right from the horse's mouth:

"The Big-Ass Amazingly Awesome Homosexual Sheep project known as will be part mutant vehicle, part penetrable sculpture, part socio-political statement, and part gay disco. 

From head to tail the art car will be 40-feet long and two levels. He will be a cuddly sheep on the outside with a chill den on the inside. The only entrance will be through his rear end."

BAAAHS' creators promised a bigger show with lasers from the sheep's eyes if they raised $16,000. Good news!

Goal: $10,000

Raised: $16,000



If you have to sweep up, sweep like a champ. BroomStache offered hand-crafted brooms shaped like mustaches to add some panache to your manual labor.

The artists even crafted brooms inspired some of history most well-know mustachioed heroes like Charlie Chaplin ("Ideal for cleaning tight spaces and delicate fabric").

When the American Mustache Institute supports you, you know you've got a winner.

Goal: $15,000

Raised: $15,584


Ruining Masterpieces

The world of memes finally went too far with this project to "give a voice to famous historical art." As in, Jesus and his bros complaining about burnt food at the last supper or da Vinci's Vitruvian Man doing a boot camp workout.

Sadly, we really have no appreciation for the finer things life:

Goal: $26,000

Raised: $3,410

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