15 Weird Things That Happen In Japan

June 13, 2014: Only in Japan, can you 'Chew the Dew.'

Japan is home to some of the strangest, quirkiest, and most bizarre things.

  1. Strange Beauty Trends:

Some people take “bagel head” saline injections to make their heads look like – well – bagels.


And this half-face makeup trend is also quite popular.



Apart from that, women pay hundreds of dollars to make perfectly straight teeth look crooked and fang-like.


  1. Chew The Dew:

Only in Japan, can you drink as well as “chew the Dew”.


  1. These weird crisp packets:

crisp packets

Here’s the equally weird store where you can get these chips:


  1. Underwear Vending Machines:

Japan has a number of weird vending machines but this one tops them all.

Vending Machines

  1. Face Masks For Food:

Protect yourself with these awkward food masks while eating.

Face Masks

Face Masks

Read More: If You Gross Out Others While Eating Burgers In Public Try Japan’s “Burger Masks”

  1. Ronald McDonald Getting Slaughtered By Wolverine T-shirt:

Apparently this T-shirt is quite popular in Japan. (Not that the other shirts hanging around are any less strange.)

Ronald McDonald

Ronald McDonald

Also, notice the red T-shirt below. Colonel Sanders is apparently strangling a chicken.

Colonel Sanders

  1. Street Performers Who Sit On Ducks Wearing Leggings:

Street Performers

  1. Unhealthy Anime Obsession:

The country has an unhealthy obsession with anime.

Japanese animated productions usually featuring hand-drawn or computer animation.

Anime Obsession

Anime Obsession

They have it on toilet papers:


And shaving kits:

Anime Obsession

Anime Obsession

  1. Equally Unhealthy Hello Kitty Obsession:

From bedroom wallpapers to donuts to sushi, Japan is obsessed with Hello Kitty.

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty


Hello Kitty

And fast food deals:

Hello Kitty

  1. Human Faced dolls:

A Japanese start-up, Clone Factory, which specializes in 3D printing human faces, will print your face and put it on a doll's body for a mere $1,300.

10.	Human Faced dolls

  1. Japanese Town Which Is A Valley Of Dolls:

Life-sized dolls have replaced people in a mostly abandoned Japanese village. Read more about it here.

Valley Of Dolls

  1. Unusually dressed people, everywhere:

Costumes, costumes and more costumes everywhere.

dressed people


dressed people


  1. So You Think America Has The Dirtiest Junk Food?

Junk Food

  1. Fat Tax:

You’ll be fined for being fat.

Japan implemented a measurement of waist sizes during 2008 to help avoid the obesity epidemic.

  1. F-Word Usage:

One can’t be sure if they do or do not know the meaning. It’s pretty much everywhere.

In textbooks:

F-Word Usage

In stores:

F-Word Usage

On T-shirts:

F-Word Usage

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