This Is Why You Should Never Humiliate Delivery Guys Over Tipping

Warning: The video contains some NSFW language. A video of car dealership employees in Westport, Massachusetts, getting into a pointless and heated argument with a local pizza delivery man over $7 incurred the wrath of the Internet this week.

In fact, the online backlash was so fierce that the owners of the office had to personally apologize.

The video begins with a delivery man, now identified as Jarrid Tansey, returning $7, which thought was a tip.

“It just doesn’t make sense why you’d hand me a bill that you were just gonna have me drive back here to give you back anyway,” says Tansey in the clip. “I’m not mad, I just had to waste my resources coming back here.”

But the workers humiliate the guy, saying he kept the money on purpose. One of them even threatens to call his boss and get him fired.

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Although it’s not been confirmed, the footage of the argument was most likely posted on the Internet by employees who thought it’d make for a hilarious viral video.

However, their plan backfired – terribly – and the owner of the dealership, F&R Auto Sales, and his son came by to apologize to Palace Pizza in person.

“I was the manager on that night, and today they came and spoke to me, profusely apologized,” said Adam Willoughby, a manager of the restaurant. “We both want to make things right between us. We don’t want any bad blood.”

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