What A Difference A Decade Makes: NYC Gentrification In Pictures

A pair of photographers chronicled the steady march of gentrification in New York City.

Photographers James and Karla Murray set out to capture the changing face of the nation's largest city in "Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York." The duo's work captures a phenomenon occurring not just in Manhattan, but in several other cities too, from San Francisco to London — gentrification. Gritty, mom-and-pop businesses are slowly vanishing in New York City and making way for establishments more suited to an affluent clientele, businesses like boutiques and banks. Check out their then-and-now shots below. The first photos are from 10 years ago and the second photo is what stands their today.

2nd Ave. and E. 1st St. 

2nd Ave. and 10th St. 

West Houston Street near Varick Street