What Did Serena Williams Expect To Happen After Eating Dog Food?

Cierra Bailey
Tennis star Serena Williams let curiosity and jealousy get the best of her when she decided to eat a spoonful of the meal that had been prepared for her dog.

serena williams

Tennis star Serena Williams was a little jealous of the gourmet meal prepared for her Yorkshire terrier pup, Chip.

The hotel where Williams is staying during the Italian Open prepared a very human-esque salmon and rice dish for Chip that Williams couldn’t help but taste.

“I ate a spoonful. Don’t judge me,” she told her Snapchat followers.

She documented her daring feat using the popular app and explained how she came to the realization that she had made a big mistake.

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She said it tasted “a little bit like a house cleaner thing” and she admitted that the dish was definitely not meant for human consumption.

While she also said she became a bit ill as a result of eating the puppy chow and had to make frequent trips to the restroom, she recovered in time for her match against Christina McHale who she beat 7-6 (7), 6-1, according to ESPN. 


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Banner Photo Credit: Reuters