Shocking! This Is What Happens When Coke Is Boiled

Do not try this at home, especially with diet coke, as it may be poisonous.

Fizzy drinks are our guilty pleasures. We might know they are bad for us, but we never quite delve into how harmful they can actually be.

Popular YouTube user CrazyRussianHacker demonstrates the ugly side of the fizzy “soft” drinks by boiling them in a pan. Once you get rid of the water, all we are left with is a gooey, sticky tar-like substance consisting of sugar and additives.

Ever wondered what might be the biggest sources of calorie-intake for Americans? They’re not Big Macs or cheeseburgers, but actually carbonated drinks. An average American consumes about two cans of soda every day. No wonder the obesity rates are so high.

According to scientific research, the amount of the left over sugar we saw in the video above, leads to the accumulation of fat in one’s body thereby increasing the risk of heart attack.

Similarly, an experiment on an ABC show demonstrated the upsurge of glucose levels in the bloodstream after the consumption of a regular amount of coke. This is what happened next:

Still not convinced? Here’s a research finding to make you hopefully think twice before picking up that can again: downing two or more cans a day of the so-called diet version of the soda may contribute to an increase in waistlines by 500 percent!

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