Here’s What Happens When You Leave Your Pet With Your Boyfriend

A girl should know better than to leave her darling pet to a guy who has never really grown up.

Redditor Consent_van’s girlfriend left her pet turtle with him while she went off on vacation. She had no idea what she was getting her precious pet into.

Here’s how her pet and boyfriend bonded behind her:

Girlfriend Asked Boyfriend To Watch Her Tortoise

Good times on the road led to higher times:

tortoise did drugs

And then what two unsupervised guys do?

tortoise while on vacation

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When Consent_van shared his shenanigans online, he unwittingly created an online competition – with each Redittor trying to outdo another.

Here are some of the responses he got:

Turtle after cocaine:

Turtle on Bath Salts:

Turtle on Bath Salts

We don’t blame him. His girlfriend should’ve see this coming. But since nothing sinister and harmful occurred, we take it all in good humor and hope his girlfriend did as well.

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