What Happens When Your Secret Crush Is Revealed On Live TV

This little love story has a message for all mankind.

Kids are sweet and adorable; they are also brave and truthful. If anything, this video proves it. The video shows a little Chinese boy being interviewed by an off camera lady about his crush. You’ll find yourself falling in love as he shyly confesses his love for his adorable Malay friend, who apparently has no idea how he feels.

You will be surprised (not more than him, mind you) to hear what the little girl has to say when her turn comes.

But the video is a little more than that. At the end of the video there’s a poignant message: “Our children are color blind shouldn’t we keep them that way?”

Indeed, why affect love and emotions with the hues of racial and cultural differences? Isn’t it better to be colorblind?

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