What If John Lennon Auditioned On The Voice? (VIDEO)


 “The Voice” judges aren't very impressed with John Lennon's blind audition performance of his 1971 best-selling single “Imagine.”

Throughout the performance, Shakira keeps on raising her eyebrows to express her discontent. Usher looks a bit upset and tries hard to focus on the vocals. All in all, the performance for the judges didn’t turn out to be “The Voice” material.

Shelton asks, “What’s your name, bro?” “There’s a verse that seemed a little bit too dramatic for me.”

Levine adds, “It’s almost like there’s this entire story you have to tell in a very short amount of time, and it was a little bit subdued — a little bit! You really are a talented dude.”

But then again, it’s all too good to be true! Some really clever internet folks made this video by editing John Lennon’s performance with the reaction of judges from NBC’s popular reality dinging competition.

The video also (quite vaguely) sends out the message that awful reality shows always fail to pass the ‘genuinely’ talented people. And John Lennon, well, enough said. His talent cannot be subjected to debate. Period.

One thing is for sure, had this audition been real, people would have definitely come out on the streets protesting for his selection. At least that is what I would’ve done.

For all the music lovers out there, this is a must watch. Share your reactions to the judges’ reactions and maybe we can bring him back in the show, of course in another edited video. What say?

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