What Is This?!? Horrible Decal Spotted On Truck

The decal was snapped by a mom walking with her daughter.

What kind of sicko thinks this truck decal is appropriate? And what company actually manufactured it? 

Jaws are dropping all over the world after a mom in Leeds, walking with her daughter, snapped the decal on a parked truck. 

"I felt sick,” said Alice, who is only going by her first name, said. She quickly blocked her child’s view and snapped this picture.

Making a joke out of this imagery is proliferating this violence against women and making it acceptable. We mustn’t play down the seriousness of it,” said Jo, a member of the campaign fighting to get the decal banned and a former kidnapping victim herself.

In an exclusive interview with WYSK, Alice said that she and her husband stood there scratching their heads, wondering, “What kind of muppet would think this is okay to have on their car? This is rape humor and it’s not okay.”

She notified her local police and sight unseen, one of the male officers she spoke with suggested the decal could be a “strip club advert.”  Oh boy. Despite initial dismissals, the police are now looking into it. 

In an effort to get the image out there, Alice then took to social media, posting to her Twitter feed, which she directed to Everyday Sexism, founded as a place where women can share their experiences of sexism, harassment and assault.

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