What Life As A Black Man Is Like Versus As A White Man

A video released by Brave New Films depicts the stark contrasts between life as a black man compared to a white man.

A powerful new video by Brave New films highlights the harsh realities between life as black man versus life as a white man, and the differences convey that America hasn’t progressed as far as the country has  hoped.

In the video, filmmakers cite several studies that show discrimination with everyday actions like applying to jobs, buying a car or house and even more serious concerns like receiving the right information from your doctor or engagement from political representatives. Media and activists have directly pointed out how police brutality and mass incarceration have affected communities of color, but even more subtle insistences of racial profiling in our most normal interactions prove we as a culture have not overcome our racial biases.  As much as we like to say we are living in a post-racial society, this video directly points out that the U.S. is far from over racism. 

Brave New Films racism video

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