What The H&M Balmain Craze Really Says About Society

The pandemonium over the new H&M Balmain collection says a lot about what society truly values.

Less than a half hour after the new H&M x Balmain collection was made available online, the popular clothing retailer’s website crashed.

Even once the site was back up, pretty much everything from the Balmain collection was sold out. 

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Meanwhile, storefronts around the world were literally flooding with people who had camped out at the doorsteps to get their hands on garments from the new line.

 Just in time for all the up-to-date "fashionistas" and early Christmas shoppers, the crazy mob-like scene puts every new iPhone release day and Black Friday to shame.

What The H&M Balmain Craze Really Says About Society

In other words, it was literally a “sh*t-show.”

This kind of pandemonium over pieces of sparkly fabric seems absurd to a lot of people ...Well, that’s because it is!

We can bet that several of the people who participated in the chaos even had a moment of contemplation when they thought, “Why the heck am I doing this?”

What The H&M Balmain Craze Really Says About Society

This situation really speaks to our values as a society, or lack thereof. It’s very clear that we live in a society where material items mean more than humanity.

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Just imagine how many of the people at H&M today were spending their last dime or missing a day of work just to be able to showcase something new and desired on their Facebook and Instagram pages. Just so they can be able to say, “I was one of the firsts to own this.”

Who cares?!

This craze perpetuates the narcissistic culture that plagues today’s youth.

People trampling over one another, getting into fist fights, camping on street corners for clothes says loud and clear that we are willing to jeopardize our safety and livelihood just to be "in style." 

Is It even worth it? Being drenched with rain, getting punched in the face, being pushed and shoved around like a mere rag doll. 

You be the judge...


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