This Graduation Photo Is Going Viral For The Best Reason Possible

Humans of New York posted a photo of a recent college graduate, eliciting extensive support for the illegal immigrant population.

 This photo of a young graduate, posted by Humans of New York, has recently gone viral.

What makes it so special?

The young woman, as the caption states, is an illegal immigrant.

In America today, the debate over illegal immigration is raging, with detractors arguing that immigrants without documentation take opportunities and resources away from “legitimate” inhabitants. But said mentality reeks of xenophobia, and demonstrates very little compassion for the individual human beings behind the “illegal immigrant” label: their needs, their hopes. Sure, America is not legally obligated to help the undocumented but does that take away the moral responsibility?

The widespread response to this single photo serves to restore some faith in the community, in all our lofty notions of the American Dream, in equal access to all who strive.

Some congratulated her:

illegal immigrant

Others defended her from would-be attackers:

illegal immigrant criticism

illegal immigrant comments
Others praised her like they would a friend, largely ignoring the "illegal immigrant" label....because it deserves to be ignored.

Humans of New York posted an image of an undocumented teen

or they explained, in full, why the label did not matter to them.

Humans Of New York Posted An Undocumented Teen

I'm an illegal immigrant

And best of all, perhaps, some were encouraged to share their own stories of immigration, creating a wider openness:

Humans Of New York Posted An Undocumented Teen
'Humans of New York' picture about illegal immigration

The photo and its exposure continues a growing trend in the media: positive coverage of young immigrants who are achieving spectacular things: from Harold Ekeh and Fernando Rojas, two children of immigrant parents who achieved acceptance to all eight Ivy League schools this year, to Victor Agbafe, Munira Khalif, Kwasi Enin, immigrants themselves who achieved the same.

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