White Man Spits On Muslim Woman And Everyone Around Laughs

Peoples' careless and callous attitudes after witnessing an anti-Muslim hate crime shatters hope for humanity.

Hope for humanity is steadily declining as anti-Muslim hate crimes seem to be daily occurrences.

Iqra Mohamed, a Somali Muslim woman, recently tweeted about being spat on by a white man on a London bus then called a terrorist and accused of stealing all the jobs.

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This type of disgusting behavior toward Muslims may not come as a surprise, but how the other passengers reacted to it definitely should.

According to Mohamed, instead of standing up for her people who witnessed the foul incident smiled and laughed at her expense.

"I do think it’s sad no one spoke up for me," she reportedly said. "The bus was full at one point and you could tell no one wanted anything to deal with him."

 “I didn’t think I would leave that bus alive.”

Muslims everywhere are being forced to live in fear of their own neighbors, colleagues and classmates because people are being conditioned to believe that the heinous acts of ISIS and other extremists fall on the shoulders of all Muslims, and that's just not fair. 

Transport for London’s Steve Burton reportedly said, "We do not tolerate racist behavior of any kind on our bus network and we will work with the police to investigate this incident."

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The man will likely not be found, especially since most of the witnesses agreed with his behavior by laughing. 

It's heartbreaking to know that so many people are feeding into exactly the type of fear-mongering and hatred the REAL terrorists are trying to spread.

Banner Photo Credit: Facebook user Iqra Mohamed

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