Why Don't Voters Care That Their Candidates Are Full Of Lies?

It does not seem to matter anymore how often a politician lies. It doesn't even seem to matter if they get caught. How long can we tolerate all of this deceit?

This year Politifact held its annual liar of the year award. The winner, by a landslide, was Donald Trump. Politifact checked 77 Trump statements, and of those 76 percent were deemed to be worthy of the lie category.

Trump is a liar, it’s a documented fact at this point, and yet he is still the leading Republican candidate by a steadily widening margin.

Ted Cruz

Politico Magazine picked up on this discrepancy and published a story on Thursday asking the question: does truth really matter if it has no power to overcome all the lies?

The question is a good one and is worth discussing as 2015 moves swiftly towards its conclusion. Why is it that we, the American people, are willing to tolerate more and more lies from the people we should be looking to as beacons of character and honesty?

Now that statement will inevitably earn some eye rolls from a large swath of the population. The idea of the “Honest Politician” has become a joke, but in the process  of poking fun many of us seem to have adopted the joke as reality.

We don’t care if our politicians are honest because we’ve stopped expecting them to be.

Political luminaries such as George Washington and Abraham Lincoln are all celebrated for their honesty, but in 2015 that possibility is seen more as a myth than an aspiration.

Our politicians lie. They lie constantly. And even when they are caught in a lie we don’t care because we’ve learned not to expect anything better.

We should expect better. We should demand better. We cannot continue allowing the people we elect to be such pale imitations of the leaders they should be. 

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