Will Ferrell Ejected Shaq From Last Night's Lakers Game...As An Usher... & His Name Tag Read "Ted Vagina"

Owen Poindexter
Will Ferrell was an usher at last night's Lakers' game. Yup. And he kicked out Shaq. I think he's my new hero.

Will Ferrell was an usher at last night's Lakers game, a 91-85 victory over the Suns. Ferrell played the part straight, escorting fans to their seats with little fanfare, other than his now signature stache. In addition to the standard usher stuff, Ferrell was forced to kick out one unruly fan: Shaq. Yes, without a hint of a smile, Will Ferrell pointed to Shaquille O'Neal, sitting courtside, indicated for Shaq to stand, and then walked him out of the court. Oh, and Ferrell's name tag read, "Ted Vagina."

Will Ferrell, as best I can tell, has moved to a meta-stage of his career: he does things that are funny because it's him doing it. The mustache is the only part of this that in any way winks at the camera (real or proverbial). If a real Lakers usher had done exactly what Ferrell did, it would have been entirely unremarkable (and confusing in the case of kicking out Shaq). I'm generally not jealous of celebrities but Ferrell has figured out fun ways to wield fame.