Will Ferrell Hits Cheerleader With Basketball

Actor Will Ferrell hits a cheerleader in the face with a basketball, but he won't be getting in trouble for it.

Will Ferrell Hits Cheerleader

Will Ferrell won't face any charges for hitting a cheerleader in the face with a basketball.

That's because it was all part of a scene for Ferrell's new movie, "Daddy's Home", which according to IMBD is about a divorced guy who wreaks havoc on his ex-wife for re-marrying a guy who is way more uptight than he. 

"Daddy's Home" should come out later this year, but in case you can't wait to see the movie, you can at least watch the scene for yourself:

The movie also includes actors such as Mark Wahlberg and Linda Cardellini. 

The film-shoot took place during halftime at the Pelicans-Lakers game at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans.

According to Sports Illustrated, the scene depicts Will Ferrell taking a half-court shot where the cheerleaders are lined up beside him. Instead of taking the shot, he throws the ball directly in a cheerleader's face.

Although it was staged, it still was a hilarious scene which intrigues us more about what this movie will be like. 

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