Heroes Rescue Woman And Her Dog Trapped In Sinking Car

In the video, you can hear the trapped woman from inside the car crying out, “Oh my God, I’m drowning!”

A woman was seconds away from drowning when rescuers came across her convertible car sinking under raging floodwaters in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The footage shows the men frantically trying to find something to tear open the top of the car. In the video’s audio, you can hear the woman from inside the car crying out, “Oh my God, I’m drowning!”

At first, the rescuers fail to break the window glass. However, they eventually are able to cut through the sinking vehicle, pulling the woman to safety.

But then she tells them her dog is still trapped inside the car.

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"Get my dog, get my dog!” the woman yells out to one of the men, now identified as David Phung. 

“I can’t get your dog," he replies, as she struggles to go back to save her beloved pet.

Not able to ignore her desperate pleas, Phung dives back into the water and later emerges with a little, white dog in his arms. 

“I got your dog,” he informs the worried owner, before helping both of them on a rescue boat.

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