Woman Breaks Up With Fiancé Finding Out He Was Cheating On Her On Russian Google Maps Equivalent (Video)

Fatimah Mazhar

Yandex Maps, Russian equivalent of Google Maps, recently helped a woman from Perm find her fiancé, cheating on her with another girl!

In this video, Marina Voinova narrates her story about how she was going to marry her fiancé whom she loved dearly but broke up with him after she (accidentally) found a photo on Yandex when she was looking for the location of one building on the street’s panoramic view. But instead, she found a photo of her own boyfriend with arms wrapped around some other girl. (Uh-oh!)

When she zoomed in, she recognized that her fiancé was hanging out with his first-love. The poor girl later broke up with him as she couldn’t forgive what he did to her.

Technology sure is lethal!