Woman Finds Long-Lost Twin She Never Knew She Had On YouTube

Social media has made the world smaller, more intimate. People find other people they didn't know existed. Who knows? Maybe one of us has a long-lost twin out there, too.

Anaïs Bordier had always known she was adopted, but she never thought she had a sibling out there somewhere, let alone a twin. Born in South Korea, she was adopted by a French couple and raised in France. All she knew of her birth mother, from adoption records, was that she was young and unmarried.

In Dec 2012, while Bordier was studying fashion in London, a fellow student posted a YouTube video of her on her Facebook page.

All of us have had moments where we looked at a picture of ourselves that we couldn’t recognize, but Bordier knew this girl wasn’t her. Why? Because she’d never made a YouTube video in her life.

The other girl looked exactly like her, but with an American accent. Bordier could find no way to contact her, so she dismissed the encounter as one of those Doppelganger incidents. Nothing too remarkable.

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But a month later, she was informed by a friend that another video had been posted of her lookalike. This time, it was a trailer for a film, so Bordier was able to look up the cast. She found a name: Samantha Futerman. A Google search revealed that her birthday was 19 November 1987, which clinched the realization. This was no mere Doppelganger.

“I called my mum and she said the words I’d been afraid to even think: “Do you think she might be your twin?””

She emailed Futerman, who responded with a picture of her adoption records. They’d been born in the same clinic. They were, without a doubt, twins.

Once the newly reunited pair began to Skype, they realized their similarities went deeper than appearance. Their mannerisms, their laughs, even their hairstyles were kindred. They spoke for three hours “about everything and nothing.”

“After that, every morning I’d check her Instagram feed to remind myself she was real.”

Once a specialist in twin studies at California State University, Dr. Nancy Segal, shared her interest in making a documentary about the two, Bordier and Futerman were given the opportunity to meet.

“I took my mum and some friends for support. I was incredibly nervous. When I first saw Sam, I was trying not to stare, but she just started laughing. I went over and awkwardly poked her in the head – I just wanted to make physical contact. I didn’t know what to do. I wasn’t aware how small I was. Her feet looked tiny and I realised mine must be, too, and suddenly I knew how I looked from behind.”

The DNA results confirmed what they already knew, but that didn’t make it any less cause for celebration.

“I had a very happy childhood and never felt anything was missing, but there was one thing I wanted: to look like someone else in my family and to have that physical connection to someone. But what could be better than an identical twin? I’ll always have her in my life now.”

So here’s a thought: how do any of us know that we don’t have long lost to-be-loved ones out there in the world somewhere, just around the corner, waiting for the right stroke of social media luck to appear? 

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