Woman Freaks Out On An Apple Store Employee (VIDEO)


An unidentified woman walked into an Apple Store and when she was told by an employee that she would have to make an appointment or wait, she started screaming at the poor worker.

It was an epic meltdown! The woman walked into Grove Apple store in Los Angeles and asked for some part for her phone. She was then told that it was not possible since it required an appointment. And it was then when the woman exploded.

“I was told by Apple care that I could walk in the store and get the parts,” she screamed while banging her hand on a stroller.

People in the store turned around to look at the woman who was not ready to accept that she made a mistake by not making an appointment.

American actress and host, Porscha Coleman was apparently present in the store when the incident happened. She captured it on her camera and turned it into a funny vine video with the caption, ‘This lady is goin OFF in the Apple Store! LOL U don’t have an appointment, lady!” The link went viral within hours.

 You can watch the epic Apple store meltdown in the vine video above.

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