Woman Live-Tweets Couple’s Breakup, Awkwardness Ensues

A woman decided to live tweet a couple's breakup during an airplane delay that has become an Internet sensation and rivals all notorious public splits to date.

We all hate airplane delays. We all hate breakups. But when you combine those two painfully frustrating events, you get something surprisingly wonderful. 

Kelly Keegs was on a flight from Raleigh, North Carolina that was delayed and sitting on the tarmac when she overheard an unnamed man and woman in the opposite row from her break up. For some in-flight entertainment, she decided to live tweet the exchange which turned into a gloriously epic breakup of 2015 that rivals all notorious public splits to date.

Keegs started off by sharing this photo:

She then went into sharing bits of their shameless conversation:

Taking time to appreciate life:

A dramatic pause:

Then right back right to the action:



No good breakup doesn’t have a little scandal:

And then an unexpected twist: 

Happily ever after?

The New Yorker gained 7,000 followers from the historic Plane Breakup tweets.

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