Woman Knocks Street Harasser Unconscious With A Single Punch

CCTV footage captures the triumphant moment a Moroccan woman clobbered a man who violated her on the street.

CCTV footage captured a man get knocked to the ground after being punched by a woman he had just sexually assaulted.

In the town of Inezgane, Morocco a woman wearing yellow robes was leaning over a motorcycle when a man walks by and “covertly” grabs her behind.

The woman instantly spun around and with a single punch to the back of the head, sent the attacker tumbling into a nearby pile of rugs and down to the floor.

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Unable to get up after the blow, the man just stayed down as witnesses approached him, but no one helped him up. He was reportedly left unconscious for two hours from the impact of his head hitting the ground when he fell.

Hopefully it was worth it, because that’s probably the last random derrière he will ever grab.

Let the video below serve as a lesson to keep your hands to yourself!

Women are proving they will not stand for harassment and sexual assault. You may think you’re being slick by casually copping a feel among a crowd or while brushing past an attractive woman, but more than likely she’s already on high alert expecting someone to try to violate her and ready to shut them down! 

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Banner Photo Credit: YouTube Screenshot

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